A Man of Character (Matters of Love Book 1)


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Granted an unknown power that has been bestowed upon generations of woman before her, Catherine Schreiber discovers that her penned heroes from long-forgotten stories have turned into real life! Not fully believing in her newfound ability, Cat and her best friend Eliza devise a plan of action to test their theory – change the outcome to one of her old tales. Through trials and tribulations, Cat will be forced to choose. Will her perfect man be the high school sweetheart, a rich billionaire, the English Lit major that sets her libido on fire, or the unknown computer scientist? 


"A Man of Character" is a light and original read with a fresh new premise that romance enthusiasts will enjoy! The author does a noteworthy job in creating three-dimensional characters that one can closely relate to. However, some readers may have a sense of misdirection in the novel's focal point as well as a feeling of discouragement with the pacing. Rather than discovering how and why fictional male characters have been brought to life, much time is instead directed towards the relationship of Cat and her best friend Eliza. Additionally, one may perceive the ending as a jumbled disappointment as readers' questions are hastily tied up in the final chapter. In contrast, a reader is certainly left feeling fulfilled as they are granted their happily ever after, and consequently enticed into the next novella. Unlike any book a reader has come across, Ms. Locke delivers a unique treat with a fresh new twist! 


Stephanie Lodes