Magical Blessings (Cat's Paw Cove #8)


Abby Blessing is cursed to never say the word “love” without an electrical breakdown. When she arrives in Cat’s Paw Cove to mind her cousin’s store, she is certain she’s doomed to a lonely existence. Beau Grayson cannot talk to a beautiful woman; his tongue never seems able to shape what he wants to say. When Abby comes to town Beau is immediately enchanted, but what can the best electrician in town offer a girl he can’t even speak to? A pile of disorganized bookkeeping and a mischievous kitty might just bring the two together, but it’ll take a stubborn kitty named Scarlett and a bit of kitty magic to bring these clueless humans together for a happily ever after.

"Magical Blessings" is the second book in “The Magic Potter” series and eighth in the Cat’s Paw Cove series. This book is all warm fuzzies and cute kitties, a complete story within the series of standalone tales. Abby tackles life with humor and determination, and Beau is a kind, hardworking, but slightly awkward guy who commits and sticks to a relationship — making them a perfect matchup, flaws and all. The conflict centers around their individual problems that they believe prevent any lasting relationship. Fortunately, the side cast and magical genre allow for a fun solution and enjoyable read. While the characters and plot are not hugely unique or memorable, readers looking for a feel-good, fluffy read will find this book well worth the time! 

Sarah E Bradley