Maggie Rising


Eastern Star Rising, aka Maggie, has always had a gift of reading people and auras. It has served her well in her personal life and even better with her job as a psychic. So what if her parents don’t like it? 


Things change drastically when she sees the ghost of a murdered girl, Lauren, in a dream. Trying to help Lauren with moving on, Maggie goes to the police with details of the crime. Unsurprisingly, they don’t believe her. Unfortunately it gets much, much worse, coincidences falling into place, soon Maggie becomes the chief suspect and is arrested. All she can do now is try to survive prison and hope some ghostly assistance will be enough to make things right.


Caution:  While reading, a person may get the urge to hug a ghost, glare at policemen and attempt a prison break! Inspiring emotions might be the hardest thing an author needs to achieve, but it is perhaps the most satisfying when done well, and Ms. Aylworth is a master! Lauren and Maggie’s characters are incredible as we watch them solve the mystery. The atmosphere of hopelessness and loss in prison is crafted expertly and sets the tone for most of the book, allowing the gem of friendship between Lauren and Maggie to shine even more. While the theories the police concoct because of their refusal to believe in ghosts may seem overdone, they also provide food for thought. How willing are we, as humans, to accept the possibility of the supernatural? Whatever one believes, Maggie’s lessons sinks in - before helping a ghost, think twice!


Mimi Smith