Mack (Black Mountain Pack Book 1)


Casey has aged out of the foster care system and now lives on the streets. Her friend Jake has always been there, with a hot meal and a couch for her to sleep on any time she wants. When she is taken in the middle of the night and wakes in a cage in the basement of a mansion, she learns that she is a shifter, and Jake has been watching over her for Jerome's pack.  Jerome's son Mack had always believed Casey to be his sibling, but his shifter side has chosen her as his mate. His father reveals that Casey was originally from another pack but they have been protecting her from her evil father.  Now, Casey and her fated mate must find the strength to overthrow her father and his pack.


"Mack" has some strong and interesting characters that capture the reader’s interest. This gripping tale varies from the typical shape-shifter story and adds some unexpected twists to keep readers engaged. There are editing issues throughout the piece, including misplaced words. Casey’s scenes in the beginning drag and are wordy. The ending is abrupt and weak, though it leaves an opening for the next book in the series. The descriptions of the world are vague and could be better fleshed out. An entertaining novel, it will be interesting to see what the rest of the series holds for readers.


Belinda Wilson