Lure of the Dragon – (Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart #1)


Chef Tessa Byrne is thrown in at the deep end when she discovers that dragon shifters are not just something thought up in the imagination, they're actually real. She goes on the run to Maui to escape a dragon lord who is hell-bent on claiming her. What she doesn't expect is to run into Kai and his group of strong shifters, or for them to actually try and help her. Kai Llewellyn has always been wary of humans; it's what shifters are taught from a young age. But something is pulling him to this human female and he has to help her. Of course, it's a heck of a leap — from lusting after a gorgeous human to considering that she might actually be destined to be his mate.

Dragons breathe fire and wow, does this book have a lot of heat in it! Readers are thrust into the excitement from the first page and dragged through a page-turning story of passion, strength and some very muscular dragon shifters that are the stuff of dreams. Author Anna Lowe knows these characters inside out and that's expressed by her excellent use of description in action sequences and mannerisms of the different characters. The intimate scenes are searing hot and readers will lose themselves in the beautiful language and dialogue. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick