Recent Reviews

The Doubting Heart 

Shelby Holt has accompanied her friend and thesis adviser, Michael Graham, to Wildhorse Pass, a boutique resort in New Mexico.

The Devil Duke Takes a Bride
Van Dyken

Benedict Devlyn, Duke of Banbury, cherishes his reputation as a notorious rake, in no hurry to marry.

Talk of the Town: Ella

There are a few things that have been a constant for Ella Turner. One: Working on her grandparent’s farm in Australia.

Silent Tears

As the son of Roman Godfry, the head of the most powerful mafia family in the world, Braxton Godfry fears nothing.  That is, until his father announces his betrothal to long- time family ally Michael DeLuca’s daughter, Camellia.  He has loved her since they were children and now his memories come flooding back - esp

She’s Got Dibs
A. J.

Tessa Adams is the CEO of TNT Entertainment, an event planning business.  When her flight home to Chicago from New York is delayed until morning,  she resigns herself to a long night in the airport.  David Issac Brenner, otherwise known as Dibs, is also in the same predicament.  Why not arrange a hotel and dinner to