Loves, Myths and Monsters: A Collection of Folk and Urban Myths


This collection by JoAnne Meyers contains eleven short horror stories. ‘Welcome to Anna’ follows 17 year-old Zoe, who discovers that that a Chupracabra has followed her to Ohio and tries to save the town. In ‘The Hunter’s Bride’, game warden Daren Abram finds that the town is being hunted by the reincarnation of the town’s legend and ends in a shocking way. In ‘Moon People’ a teenage mermaid falls for a mortal and has to choose between her love and her own people.  In ‘The Pack’, a werewolf falls for a mortal and tries to save her from a werewolf rebellion. In ‘The Bidding’ Duncan investigates why people of the town are being killed by flesh-eating bees. ‘The Agreement’ tells the tale of a demonic guest in an abandoned Roseville jail. ‘For the Love of Ginnie’ shows the extremes to which Alex will go to for true love. ‘Is It Only a Myth?’ has a county sheriff who must save his town from a Mothman. ‘The Proposition’ is a short story about how love conquers all. ‘The House on Shady Lane’ is a chilling story about a serial killer family, and ‘Love’s Curse’ is a story about an Egyptian curse. 


This collection focuses on an assortment of folk and urban myths. Come delve deep into the pages for fresh new spins on old legends! Each story is fast paced and very interesting for readers who are unaware of the existing legends. The collection could certainly benefit from another round of edits, however. The use of so many exclamation points takes away from the stories. Editing aside, one will enjoy reading about a variety of subjects:  young and sweet love, futuristic robots, and time travel are just a few. One can surely find a new favorite urban legend here!


Heather Mcguire