Love Spell in London (The Cauldron Effect, Book 3)


HISTORICAL:  Constantly at war with one another, it seems impossible for a witch and a warlock to find love. All the same, Grace Elizabeth Adair has her eyes set on a warlock by the name of Devin Chase Dewer. She will do whatever it takes to catch his attention, including stealing his precious hellhounds. In doing so, she does get him to look her way, though not necessarily in the way she has intended. She also catches the attention of his dark fae mother. His mother hates witches, and she will do whatever it takes to keep the two apart, despite their growing attraction.

“Love Spell in London” is a fun, new take on historical paranormal romance! It combines a great deal of interesting supernatural creatures in a way that is seamless and unique. Ms. Vedam has made a detailed world that holds the traditions and lifestyles of the historical period while twisting them with magic. The settings and descriptions are deliciously vivid, making the world she has built even more real. The relationship between Dewer and Grace will leave readers scrambling for more This book is a wonderful blend of romance, intrigue, and action!

This is a perfect read for lovers of paranormal and historical romance!

Chelsea Andersen