Love Reawakened


Emma Strachan is a witch who practices her craft for profit. She is hired by a slimy piece of work looking to extract information from his dead cousin about the location of family money. When Emma raises the cousin from the dead, all heck breaks loose (if you pardon the expression).  First she loses control of him, then she loses him all together!  She needs a necromancer to help find the missing zombie - and she is forced to turn to former lover Garret, the only one who fits the bill.  The two join together to track down the zombie, and perhaps to rediscover the blazing attraction between them.  


Ms. Rosewarne writes a wonderful little adventure filled with magic and mystery. Emma and Garret have great chemistry right from the start and Emma’s propensity for getting into trouble adds a little comedy to the mix. Readers may find themselves with questions, though, about the couple’s past. One is also left wanting to see more development of the relationship between them. There are also a few grammatical error and typos to beware of if one is a stickler. Aside from that,  it is well written, fun and flows nicely. 


Molly Daniels