Love & Omens (Crescent City Ghost Tours Book 2)


Sydney Park's carefully constructed world is about to come down when past collides with present. Blake Beaumont hasn't seen Sydney since their breakup, but he's never forgotten her. Though she still stirs his senses, as the new partner in Crescent City Ghost Tours, he's also her boss. As the two become closer, they are faced with forces determined to keep them apart. Sydney's curse, as she calls it, is to see the future, and it's showing her someone close to her is about to die. Blake, meanwhile, is dealing with a haunted house as he sets up his Museum of Murders. Could a ghost be behind the strange happenings he and Sydney are experiencing? As the danger mounts, Blake and Sydney will be tested. They might have been able to bury the past, but can Sydney and Blake survive long enough to have a future? 

"Love & Omens" knocks it out of the park with a combination of romance, suspense and the supernatural! Carrie Pulkinen does a masterful job of weaving the romance and suspense throughout the story. Sydney Park is a complex heroine whose hangups over her so-called curse have prevented her from reaching out and grabbing the gold ring. Blake is every bit Sydney's match. He understands her and respects her for the independent woman she is. He's the hero that every woman wants in her life. The romance between the two is palpable, but the suspense that threatens them is ever present. "Love & Omens" is a page-turner that will have fans clamoring for more in this series!

Tricia Hill