For the Love of Magic (Witchbound Saga #1)


Maeve (matchmaker) Lovejoy and Aaron (Levitas) Wright meet, but a union together is forbidden. Maeve’s magical power matches couples to their perfect mates. The coven, known as Daughters of Women, and her position as Vinculum Primo does not allow the heroine who finds happiness for others to have her own fairytale ending. When Maeve’s matches are murdered, suspicion falls on a coven of blood magic witches. Finding them won’t be difficult, since it’s Maeve they want.

Good vs. evil lurks in the pages of “For the Love of Magic”. With a new glossary of names associated with witches like Abbess, Panacea, Primos and Capacitors, it’s a learning curve while trying to follow the plot with jagged and abrupt turns. Readers may find themselves confused with the ideology that Maeve grants two people forever by sleeping with one of them first. When Aaron and Maeve meet, they break a few rules including how many orgasms can be achieved in one night. Meanwhile, the antagonist appears in a few scenes but who is he? Readers know he tortures the Abbess, but his motivation isn’t fleshed out before he dies. The Capacitors are a quandary and unexplained until the end of the novel. Nathalia and Maeve have equal footing as primary characters. Readers will become frustrated if there are too many threads without depth, and that seems to be the case here.

Ms. Gibson receives an A++ for creativity. “For the Love of Magic” is a captivating whodunit with complex characters and imaginative world building.

Sloane Austen