Love on Loch Ness


The Loch Ness monster has drawn hundreds to the loch in Scotland, but this time a trio of scientists are determined to put all the speculation and myths to rest. However, their goals differ. Dr. Gail Phillips wants to prove that Nessie doesn’t exist, and prevent another scientist from disappearing the way her father did while hunting Yeti tracks in the Alps. Flynn Maloney wants to prove Nessie does exist, for his younger sister. The attraction between them surprises them both. Using sonar to sweep the lake, with only their mysterious videographer for company, they must both question their beliefs. Can Flynn prove Nessie’s existence and win Gail over, or will the Loch Ness monster break them both?


A paranormal or fantasy disguised as a contemporary, “Love on Loch Ness” throws two people with totally different goals together in a sweet romance. Gail is dubious of anything that can’t be proven, even if a bit of her still hopes dreams come true. Flynn is sure that Nessie exists and desperately wants Gail to believe as well. Their backgrounds are well developed and the plot is smooth. The conflict is also well developed with a few surprising twists to accompany a quirky cast of characters. The story reads mostly as a contemporary with a fantasy undertone not really explored toward the end, and as a result it is a great read for both contemporary and fantasy fans.


Sarah E. Bradley