For the Love of Her Dragon (Dragon Guards #4)


Kyra St. Croix is a little bit of a thing, but she comes with tremendous power as a White Witch. Her size has never stopped her from going after what she feels she deserves in life. Being born of a human father and a High Priestess hasn’t stopped her, and she sets out on her own to find the love she is destined for. It seems Fate is fickle and when evil shows up at her door, unbeknownst to her, she sets herself up for a downfall. 


Royce O’Reilly is one of the most respected Guardsman of the MacLendon Force, and the Golden Fire clan. Training Guardsman and turning them into fierce warriors gives him great pride. In his 156 years of life, he's watched others in his clan find mates, and wants to find happiness as well. The Universe has a sick sense of humor and his destined mate is a witch. Royce really dislikes witches due to his past. Will Kyra and Royce be able to put the past, in the past, and find their destined forever?


Kyra is a strong, take-no-guff kind of character, not even from a big handsome dragon. Royce is about as hunky as they come, fierce, protective but with issues. How can a reader not fall in love with these characters? One might want to smack Royce occasionally for the way he treats Kyra, but will cheer when he redeems himself. Ms. Mills has given the reader a little bit of everything:  humor, drama, hope, love and hot hunky dragons!!!


Lynne Bryant