Love & Ghosts (Crescent City Ghost Tours)


When two strangers meet at a masked ball in a mansion in the ritzy Garden District in New Orleans, Louisiana, mysterious forces move into alignment. A year after the death of her older sister, nurse practitioner Emily Rollins intends to make a fresh start in the city that’s known for letting the good times roll. Paranormal investigator Sean LeBlanc is finally ready to pursue romance three years after the death of his beloved wife. Together, these two vulnerable people with bruised hearts explore the possibilities and pitfalls of opening themselves up to loving again. 

Details about ancestral spirits, legends, and ghost stories combined with observations about neighborhoods and architecture create a strong sense of generations of distinctive history and mystique of New Orleans. The author includes an appealing balance of references to the various mystical belief systems associated with the city, which provides a vibrant context for the overlapping mysteries that affect Emily and Sean’s relationship. Emily’s recurring pattern of willful ignorance regarding one major story element strains a reader’s suspension of disbelief almost to the breaking point, but her overall character traits mostly offset that obvious weakness.

The supporting characters, family, friends, and coworkers, are fully developed and add emotional layers, while a few references to a literary classic contribute a geeky charm. “Love & Ghosts” is sure to satisfy readers who crave a mix of sultry sensuality, personal crossroads, and danger.

Cardyn Brooks