Of Love and Darkness (Twisted Fate Series Book 1) Author: Tami Lund


Cursed to hunt other Rakshasa, Gavin Rowan must now protect the humans who used to be his prey. While patrolling the downtown streets of Detroit, Gavin comes across Sydney Amataya. As he escorts a lost Sydney back to her car a Rakshasa attacks her, drawing blood. Immediately drawn to her scent, Gavin realizes two things: Sydney is not human, and she is his mate. He informs her that she’s a Chala: a female Light One who might be the last of her kind. Sydney decides that if Gavin wants to be her mate, he’s going to have to earn it, Fated or not. But as dozens of other Light Ones make their way to Detroit to vie for her affections, how can Gavin convince Sydney that they are meant to be?


 “Of Love and Darkness” is an outstanding opening to the Twisted Fate series. Ms. Lund’s excellent character building lays the groundwork for what’s to come. Sydney is assertive and has a compassionate nature. However, Gavin may strike some readers as brusque, entitled and mildly chauvinistic. Under Gavin's tutelage Sydney becomes a capable and competent adversary for those that want to harm her. And watching Gavin grow from being unemotional and businesslike towards Sydney, to being in love with her and being willing to die for her was extremely touching. Although the book starts off slowly, the author incorporates plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged. Seriously sexy and fabulously entertaining, this is one book that can’t be missed!


Chantel Hardge