Love’s Prophecy Book One of the Prophecy Series

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The prophecy has been found once again on Earth. Vampires and humans coexisted in the past, but the glut of demons destroyed the unity between them. Vampires have been fighting for humans ever since, waiting for the prophecy to be found. Mel, a vampire, has been given the task of researching the prophecy, to find it’s true meaning, and uncover those bearing “the mark”. Not believing in the prophecy, Mel meets Breeana, whom he has been dreaming about, literally, for years, a woman he soon discovers bears the mark of the prophecy. 

Breeana Spencer is bitter where men are concerned, but the connection to Mel is so strong, she is unable to resist.  Attacked in an alleyway, Breeana soon learns the vampires she loves to read about are real.  She is marked for death by a vengeful she-demon, and must let Mel protect her until the she-demon is killed. Breeana and Mel must work together, to find the true meaning of the prophecy, to end the war between demons and vampires, and keep humans safe.

Love’s Prophecy is the ultimate story between Heaven and Hell, good vs. evil. It takes one on an emotional roller-coaster ride! Readers will find themselves angry, happy, smiling, maybe even giggling, and possibly with a tear in one’s eye by the time the last page turns. The author writes wonderfully rich characters that one can’t help but fall in love with. The story slows a bit in the middle but picks back up and resumes the ride, until one finds themselves, it can’t be over!!!

Tonya Smalley