Lost in Waste (Unstable States Book 2)


DYSTOPIAN:  Chemist Cali and genetically modified “Icon” Eve are given the chance to compete for the opportunity of a lifetime! Desperate for better lives, they unite to form Team Damned and Beautiful, and if they win, they will experience luxury and love as a much-needed breeder. The task? Turn a waste lagoon into something practical that will benefit society. Everything is going according to plan until they discover that there are virile men in the area. The women have a new opportunity: Find true love. Will they be able to win the hearts of the men as well as their competition?

Ms. Haustein has created an wonderfully unique dystopian setting for this series! The details that have gone into the world building are incredible! For the most part, those details are explained well, but there are a few instances where they come across as confusing for a few chapters. Once readers get lost in the world, though, there is no coming out again! “Lost in Waste” is a fast paced, sexy, drama that will keep the pages turning until the end. Readers are going to swoon right along with Cali and Eve, and become invested in their epic journey to love. This book takes a great number of typical dystopian plotlines and flips them upside down! Ms. Haustein’s writing is full of wit and personality, making “Lost in Waste” a perfect read for anyone who enjoys a good dystopian saga, or a science fiction adventure mixed in with their smoldering romance!

Chelsea Andersen