Lost in the Stars – Volume 2 – Three Worlds Saga

Carol A.

Lina OKelly is under arrest!  Everythings  a blur shes married Lando, a man shes known less than a week, come to his planet Sarastor to live, and is now facing charges of mind control.  It doesn't help that Lando and the other Mega-Legionnaires have been called away on an emergency mission, and Lina is left with the gorgeous Jae as her jailer.  In the meantime, Lina learns about Sarastor, its language, customs, dress, everything she needs to know.  But will she ever fit in?  And can she make her marriage to Lando work forever until death do they part?  


And then theres Jae...  hes around all the time, watching her, helping her, taking her out to eat and have funhes Landos best friend, but he could become Linas best friend and so much more. 


Lost in the Starsis a spellbinding sci-fi read!  Lina holds center stage as she adapts to her new world and demonstrates the benefits of her powers.  Theres little romance with Lando, and Jae is mostly a friend a little more tension in this triangle would have brought some welcome angst to their relationships.  Readers should probably read Volume 1 first to get a complete picture of Lina and Lando, how they meet, and how their relationship develops.  The plot twists and turns, and Lost in the Starswont disappoint, as Lina finds her place and marries the man of her dreams.


Victoria Z. Burg