Lorelei’s Lyric, Southern Elemental Guardians, #1


Finally out from under her mother’s thumb, mermaid Lorelei and her sister Hilde are on vacation in America. Music is a passion they can’t deny, so while traveling up waterways they’ve hit spots famous for their music along the way. While in Nashville, Lorelei falls under the spell of rock musician Vance Idol and his band The Rivermen, but it’s Lorelei who captures Vance with her siren song later that same evening. Desperate not to take another human life, she pulls him from the river then stays to heal him. But Vance is suffering from more than the spell of her song and it’s up to him to save himself. With the mountainous obstacles in their way, do these two lovebirds have a chance at a happily ever after?


One mustn’t be fooled by the unhurried pace in this steamy paranormal romance. As the foundation is laid, Vance and Lorelei’s worlds and personalities come into sharp focus. The sinister character with her greedy claws in Vance’s spiraling downfall produces an outrage like none other and brings the reader’s protective instincts front and center. Secondary characters carry their weight in gold, making one hope for their appearance in future books. The siren/mermaid mythology is given new life and other fascinating mythological creatures inhabit this world, but it’s the fragile relationship growing between Vance and Lorelei that takes center stage. This slow-building emotion-filled tale will make one’s heart sing!


Carol Conley