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The Runaway Wife (Book 4 of Brides of Little Creede)
Cici Cordelia
Narrator: Alan Taylor

HISTORICAL WESTERN: Samuel Singleton has set aside his old life as a hired gun and riverboat gambler for something a little more pure—security for his old mentor at the Knight Gleason’s Gambling Galleria in Little Creede. When he finds a young woman posing as a boy in the kitchen pantry, he knows he’s stumbled upon a situation in need of his skills.


DYSTOPIAN: Fiona Tronick, viewed as a low-life drug dealer, is actually an undercover agent known as a Controller working for the Agency, a decentralized group challenging the current Governance. When a complete stranger hands her a briefcase full of evidence against her employers, Tronick has to figure out what they are truly hiding from her.

The Upside Down of Nora Gaines

PARANORMAL MYSTERY: A rough divorce sends Clare and her daughter Nora Gaines to live in an old farmhouse in the small town of Walnut Grove. Little does this pair know, there seems to be darker forces tampering with their future.

Danger on the Loch

SUSPENSE: Paisley Clark, a hopeful photographer, has finally found her father through a DNA test match. Paisley receives a message from him, learning he lives in Scotland and he’s asked her to visit. As Paisley talks with her always distant and unmotherly mother, she hears the truth of her father, which prompts her to take the trip offered and meet her father and his family.

SUSPENSE: Josiah Kash, or Kash as his friends and family call him, has experienced a tragic accident that left him blind, and girlfriend-less. Released from the hospital, he stays at the old house atop Unger Hill, which legend says it’s haunted. As Kash recovers and is coming to terms with the possibility of his new blindness, he starts to hear things.