Lord of Druemarwin (Crown of Tolem, Book 2)

Helen C.

FANTASY:  Naed, the new Lord of Druemarwin, learns he is the illegitimate son and heir of Dranoel due to a lover’s tryst between his mother and uncle after the death of his aunt. Lady Raell learns her father has betrothed her to a man she can never love. Naed and Raell fall in love and promise themselves to each other, unaware her father has promised her to another Lord’s son when she was only a child. In an effort to nullify her father’s marriage contract, she and her brother leave on a mission to Druemarwin to solidify her betrothal with Naed. They fight off multiple assassination attempts, dodge a mother’s machinations, while Naed hopes to gain the trust of the people under his care. Naed and Raell must learn to fully trust each other if they have any hope of protecting their love and the passion that binds their hearts together.

“Lord of Druemarwin” by Helen C. Johannes is a wonderful love story filled with secrets and treachery! Readers will be immediately drawn into the saga of war, alliances, bravery, and honor. Some may find the slow-paced attention to detail a little off-putting, nevertheless the twists in the storyline more than make up for the drag. The lovers in the story are richly written characters devoted to each other and willing to fight for what they want. The fantastic world they inhabit is filled with honorable leaders, diabolical villains, and well-meaning family members. The fight scenes are brutal and exhilarating. Readers will be kept at the edge of their seats anticipating the next chapter in Ms. Johannes’ sweeping saga of romance, revolution, and adventure!

Tonya Mathenia