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After awakening from a three-year coma, Gray discovers she has been betrayed by her lover who has since joined a dangerous organization that takes humans and witches and turns them into hybrids against their will. Becoming a Dhampir was not Gray’s choice, and she can’t allow the Consilium to do this to anyone else.

The Memories of Misty

Everything about Joan’s life is organized and put-together, from her relationship to her home to her job.  No surprises or mysteries surround her, until one day everything starts to change: her behavior, her taste in coffee and clothing, even the way she executes her job.  Then Joan starts having flashes of a life she does not remember, and the name Misty keeps surfacing everywhere she goes.  B

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Haleigh Parde is content with her life.  She has a great job teaching math, a dog, a house and, although it does not bother her, she is single. Then the invitation to her high school reunion arrives.  Now faced with prospect of seeing her ex once more, Haleigh is desperate to find a date.

HIGH FANTASY:  Heading out on a pilgrimage as her final test in becoming a Warlord, Leilana must gather totems hidden inside others she meets along the way.  Traveling with three others from the Academy, Leilana embarks on a journey she never could imagine.  When Prince Remiel’s kingdom, Linmus, is attacked, he is forced to flee in order to save his life.  While on the run with his best friend

Awesome Footsteps
Michael J.

CNF: This book is written in journal format, recounting tales and experiences of the author throughout his life as a missionary. These experiences are not in any overall story form nor are they connected or in any timeline and order.