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Miss Emma Glass comes to Pierce Byrne, Baron Markham, one freezing evening, carrying her sick daughter, Susan. She has no place to go. Markham offers her a place to stay, as well as a doctor for Susan. He even offers her the position of governess for his ward, Daphne. That was two years ago.

Edward, Earl of Lippincott, has been admonished by his brother, the Duke, not to get involved with any of this season’s debutantes. This puts Edward in a quandary because it is love at first sight when he sees Lady Aurelia Coddington. Her uncle knows of Edward’s reputation as a rake and has Aurelia turn down all of Edward’s invitations. Edward is determined.

HISTORICAL: Rebecca Darby is courted by John Lennox, Marquess of Gloucester, for over a year, then he stops seeing her. Desperate for his love, Rebecca begins corresponding with him until he finally tells her he will not be attending anymore musicales, routes, or balls this season.

CIVIL WAR: Alex Hunter promises his dying brother, Daniel Delaney, he will protect Andrea Evans. Hunter gets Andrea released from prison, and he takes the near-dead woman into his home to have his slaves nurse her back to health. Hers is a long recovery, and Hunter realizes after a time that he enjoys their verbal skirmishes.

CIVIL WAR: A heartbroken Andrea leaves Hawthorne in a rush after Alex orders her to leave because he believes she betrayed him and his men. She returns to her old Union post, acting as a courier. After she leaves, Alex learns he has horribly misjudged Andrea. She convinces a rival to sell him Excaliber, a stallion he has been wanting for years.