Looking for Love (The Album Book 1 – Ella’s Story)


LIGHT FANTASY:  Ella and Ross are best friends and she is content to maintain the status quo. She shares all her relationship problems with him, as well as problems she’s having with her three best girlfriends. Everything seems to be working fine, until "The Album" shows up in a box of books that Ella has inherited from her great uncle. When a couple’s pictures are placed in it, their future is shown in pictures in The Album. Ella and her friends decide to start “The Perfect Match”, a matchmaking service. Ross very much disapproves. How can he get Ella to notice him when she is too busy matching others?


This is a delightful little gem that is a joy to read! The characters come to life as the pages are turned. Each of the girls has their own idiosyncrasies that make them immediately loveable. The Album itself teaches a lesson to everyone involved within its pages. It has a power that cannot be ignored. The original premise of the book, boy meets girl, girl doesn’t want to be romantically involved with boy, boy must convince girl, is an old story, but Ms. Bosman puts a new twist on an old tale and makes it entirely her own. All of the characters, including the secondaries, have a depth to them that is refreshing. This is a fascinating novel and is the first of a promising series.


Belinda Wilson