Look to the Sun


Rose Abernethy lives as any other citizen in the town of Sanmarian, dealing with the mundane problems of life, such as her car breaking down on her way to work - until she is swept away on that day by a wild herd of protestors, voicing their concern over the growing power of the National People’s Voice party. The watch Rose’s father left to her goes missing during the fray, and in the aftermath, an unknown man snapping pictures intrudes on her private anguish. Rose has become intrigued by the tattoo on the man’s arm, which bears the same design as the face of her beloved pocket watch and the cover of her favorite book. Along with her discovery of Beo Mataya—a man with whom she shares uncanny threads of connection—Rose will find the city around her holds secrets within its sunset-stone walls. As political tensions in the city rise, will love be enough to quell the hatred rapidly gaining ground all around Rose and her newfound friend? 


Wow! This book is beautiful, both in its exquisite language and the depth of the message carried by those words. The romance builds slowly to form relationships of real substance, and the author’s words of warning are conveyed in such a way as to make her reader fall in love with nearly every one of them. The few technical mistakes do not detract from the story, but this book deserves perfection. This narrative’s message of hope, acceptance and courage during the worst of times will entrance the reader with its artistic flair, complexity and delivery of raw emotion. 


Claudette Melanson