Long Lost Magic, The Thorne Witches Book 6


Aurora Thorne is back from stasis and she is not happy about it. Her husband, Alastair used questionable means to bring her back to him and her children. Her chilly reception is not what he expected from the love of his life. With their families stage an intervention Aurora and Alastair find themselves locked in a room, unable to escape until their issues are resolved. Working toward a resolution in their personal relationship and helping restore Aurora’s magical powers back to what they were, they find themselves still looking for her brother Jace, who disappeared when Aurora sacrificed herself to save Alastair. Family loyalty is the foundation of this family and when that foundation begins to show cracks, Alastair and Aurora must finally come together, heart and magical souls, to right the wrongs.

What an enchanting tale of magic and suspense! Full of magical elements, the plot is well thought out and readers will easily find themselves lost in it. From massive estates with secret passages to teleporting themselves wherever they need to be, readers will be in awe of this magical setting. Readers may have problems following all the characters of the families in this series if the begin at book six. This can be read as a standalone, but it would be greatly beneficial to start at the beginning. While some issues are resolved, readers are left with questions regarding some relationships and locating family members, which will likely be resolved in later books. If readers are looking for a long-standing, magical read, this is the series for them; they will not be disappointed!

Alison Ellis