Live or Die (Dardanos, Colorado #3)

Calle J

Jocelyn Tannis, deaf from a severe childhood illness, is a medical doctor, performing research for Taniss Industries. She and her cousins are trying to discover why their grandfather stole $16 billion from the company and redirected it to a secret laboratory in Colorado.  Cormac Jareth is from an ancient vampire race - Dardaptoans -and Leo Taniss has been abducting, performing horrific experiments on, and murdering them for decades. The only survivors of Dardaptoans genocide are Cormac’s sister, her daughter, and her brother-in-law. Unable to locate Tannis, Cormac and his friends seek vengeance against him by plotting to abduct, torture, and drain his granddaughters, but they turn out to be their long-awaited mates. Is love between mates strong enough to overcome Tannis crimes against the Dardaptoans and their need for vengeance?

Josey is smart, strong-willed, independent, and determined to resist Cormac and return home to her family. Learning more about the Dardaptoans, her grandfather’s cruelty and depravity towards them, and her family’s past, she discovers home might be somewhere else. Guilt-ridden that he couldn’t protect his family from Tannis, Cormac is a fiercely protective, dominating, control freak. Once his discovers Josey is his mate, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her with him. 


"Live or Die" has a promising suspenseful opening and interesting characters, but does not live up to its potential with uneven pacing and story development, and an anti-climactic ending. Tighter editing, better description/world-building, and a bit more character and story development would make this a more satisfying read.


Lacy Hill