The List: Alyssa’s Revenge (Deep State Mysteries Book 2)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Wyatt Rose, inured military veteran, blames himself for not being there to prevent his sister’s murder. Recruited to work for the New Patriots, a secret faction that protects the United States government from the underhanded machinations of a shadow government, Wyatt is forced to see the fiancée he left behind after his injury, because she is now his boss. Wyatt and Harper embark on a mission to dismantle a human trafficking ring after finding a girl on the riverbank near their headquarters, with the help of Wyatt’s deceased sister’s ghost.  One thing leads to another, and they learn this operation will have bigger repercussions than either of them suspected. Just how far up the chain does the rot go? And can Wyatt put his self-blame aside and learn to let people back into his life?

This story has a bit of everything: intrigue, heartbreak, romance, suspense, mystery and a supernatural element. As the second book in the series, readers may feel a little lost with some references if the first one hasn’t been read, although most these references are explained at some point in the book. Unfortunately, there are typos throughout and a few inconsistencies with character name spelling which is a little off-putting. Overall, the story is well told. The dynamic of the team and how they work together is well done. The idea of a shadow government operating behind the scenes and being involved in illegal activities is thought-provoking. Even with so much going on, the story is intriguing and will pull the reader in.

  *Be aware that this story deals with child abduction and sex trafficking which may be triggering to some readers.*    

  Katy Neilsen