The Lion's Share (The Chimera Chronicles Book 3)


Former Army Ranger and Chimera-shifter Connor Gunn and his twin brother Tyler have just been released from prison. Their foster brother has gotten himself into some hot water and Conner and his twin are blackmailed into a bank robbery with their foster brother’s family used as leverage. FBI agent Embry Lane is on assignment. She is tracking a perpetually ruthless bank robber but finds herself on the inside of the bank and held hostage. Embry and Conner have an instant attraction that is more than either of them are ready for. They have to work together to end the robbery safely or find themselves dead, whether at the hands of the police or the bank robbers. Will the efforts of Connor and Embry be enough or will outside sources be needed in the ending of this tale?


Karin Shah has created a masterful world of shapeshifters, witches, vampires, and all sorts of evil creatures! Her characters have real depth and are described in a way that readers will see them cascading from the pages. They are relatable and the fear and joy they feel are akin to anyone reading “The Lion's Share”. Although this can be read as a stand-alone book it would be beneficial to read the previous books in this series. There are characters that crop up towards the end of the book that seem to come out of nowhere and readers can only assume they stem from previous books. “The Lion's Share” is a page turner and will keep readers up at night until the book is finished. 

Mary-Nancy Smith