In Like A Lion


As a research scientist, Anjoli Mehta is trained to study human behavior but when she is assigned the task of Jake Finn, a reputed mass murderer, she may have met more than her match.  There is something about the angry, yet confused man she finds unnerving.  Is it his caramel eyes that seems to change from yellow to almost blue?  Is it his intimidating size, strength and aura of unleashed power that has her stumbling on her words each time she approaches?  Unable to discover or stop the frustrating emotions he elicits in her, Anjoli decides to research the basis of his treatment and attraction.  As the answers come, Anjoli is met with a world and an evil that she never dreamed possible. Now she must put her trust in the one man who might be her doom.
Wow! What a ride!  Ms. Shah writes a paranormal, action-packed love story that rivals  even Christine Feehan and Nalini Singh!  In this first of a new series, Shah is miraculously able establish the world, the species, the problems and the players with such a deftly used brush that one is immersed and believing with nary a blink! The plot grabs one immediately and glues itself to the palms until the last sigh escapes and the book sadly closes! The only small glitch comes in a few of the odd dreams/flashbacks that throw the reader out of the story with no explanation.  Otherwise, an incredible start to an amazing new author and series!
TJ Mackay