Lillie (Maggie Trilogy Series Book 3)


MYSTERY:  Naomi is happily married to Bryce. Everything seems perfect. That is until, another spirit decides to visit her. Not only is this spirit hostile but it is a spirit Naomi recognizes from her childhood, Lillie. Lillie is angry and leaves cryptic riddles for Naomi. In order to get Naomi’s full attention, she uses Naomi’s step daughter, and turns her against Naomi. Meanwhile, Naomi helps her friend, Officer Miriam, solve a murder. She uses her gifts to discover who is behind the murder. Is it connected to Lillie? Why won’t Lillie leave Naomi’s family in peace? Bryce has to protect his daughter and his patience is wearing thin with these frequent spirits. Can Naomi find out what Lillie wants, solve the murder and keep her family from falling apart?

This book captures the reader’s attention from the very first page with its wonderfully eerie aesthetic. Lillie can be terrifying, but it is for a good reason. This isn’t an average paranormal story. It also contains historical details and mystery. Naomi is a wonderful main character. At first, she is over the spirits. She wants them to leave her alone, but she realizes that once she embraces her gift, she can help those around her.  Lillie is another great character, even though she is a spirit, she is still relatable. She is an intricate part of Naomi discovering who she is meant to be. There is never a dull moment in this fast-paced paranormal.  Be prepared to sleep with the light on while trying to solve the mystery of the spirits!

Amanda Hupe