Lilith’s Children (Wild Women #2)


The Hunters are doubling down their efforts and Faline’s coterie is on the run. With the battle raging, Faline’s plans for a surprise attack on an east coast Hunter complex hits a snag when succubi leader Marie calls in a favor. Faline discovers that Portland has a hidden underground and that Marie has an elaborate scheme. But even with Marie’s cunning manipulation, Marie is not the puppet-master and neither are the Hunters. Something darker lurks under the city of Portland and his appetite is growing. Marcus, Faline and her coterie are left scrambling in the unlikeliest places for new allies when those in the war against the Hunters are captured.

This urban fantasy is a steadily paced read with a multifaceted plot and a complex group of characters that are unique and full of complexities. This makes for a very different reading experience, and makes the guide posted in front of the book by the author very helpful. This series should definitely be read in order. Reading this book first puts the reader behind, as they are dropped into an ongoing war and may be completely confused throughout, especially as the story references previous events. There is a forbidden romance between Faline and Marcus adding to the suspense and drama of the story as well as a couple of other forbidden romances taking place throughout the story. This series is about a group of various cultural supernaturals fighting and overcoming oppression and while a bit on the slow side, keeps readers engaged with lots energetic battles, thrilling suspense and unexpected twists in a fascinating world!

E.L Hurley