The Lightness of Dust, The Meronymy #1

M. L.
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DARK FANTASY:  In Anatolia, thousands of years ago, Kere is determined to wed Telamon, despite her father’s wish to sell her and her gift of healing to the High Priest. In 1930s Seattle Sam Freeman is a handyman at the Persephone Music Hall when he meets and falls in love with foreign violinist Lily Ostendorf. Present day Jake and Elyse Morgan are settling into their new life where Jake has been hired as an assistant professor at the University of California when grad student Amanda Angona crosses their path. Three stories separated by time yet connected in some way. 

The alternating stories are extremely well-written and self-contained with well-developed characters that jump off the page. The worlds in each story are vividly painted yet so different from each other that one wonders how these disparate stories are connected. As the stories progress the connection begins to come into focus. As Kere’s story and then Sam’s come to their conclusion the reader is ready to see how Jake and Elyse’s story will finish and tie them all together. However, the ending seemed rushed, chaotic and confusing leaving one with more questions than answers. In the end, the reason for Amanda picking Jake wasn’t clear and the reader is left wondering what just happened. The biggest question of all? What in the world will Jake do now?  One hopes the continuation of the series comes soon!


Carol Conley