Into the Light (Lightbearer Series Book 1)


Tanner Lyons doesn’t need anyone.  Ten years ago he broke all ties with his shape shifter pack leader and father, Quentin Lyons, for very good reasons.  Quentin’s overwhelming obsession with an extinct race of magical beings called Lightbearers, combined with his abusive behavior, was more than Tanner could take.  Until, that is, his father sends word that he has captured one of the mythical beings and intends to kill her for her magic.


Olivia Bennett was just trying to enjoy a fun weekend with her cousin in Las Vegas.  It seemed like a harmless thing to do until she was captured by a pack of shapeshifters.  Now her only hope seems to be her captor's son, Tanner. She must put her life in his hands and trust that he can deliver her from evil.

This is a great book!  It hooks the reader from the first page to the very last with its exciting story and original plot.  Lund’s witty prose creates characters that are fascinating and well-rounded individuals while allowing their character development to happen in a meaningful way. Her story unfolds at a fast pace, with a few well-timed lulls to allow the reader to catch a breath before the excitement begins again.  This series is indeed starting out full of promise and unlimited creativity and the reader looks forward to reading her other works with reckless abandon.  Great job!

Gwenellen Tarbet