Into the Light (Forbidden Love #2)


Accountant Jessica Moxley suffers horrific visions when she sleeps - though lately she’s had some rather sexy dreams about a hunky guy. Combine that with a long, dry dating spell and an upcoming job interview, and her roommate decides Jessica needs a night of hedonistic fun at a vampire bar called The Black Horse. While there she meets the man from her dreams, and they share a naughty evening in one of the club’s private rooms before going their separate ways. 


Sebastian is still kicking himself for not getting his one-night stand's name when she shows up at the Knight Estate for a job interview. Broken inside and guarding his heart, he fights the instinct telling him that Jessica is his lost love and modern-day mate.  Jessica, however, isn’t going to walk away without fighting for the man she’s falling for. Who will win in this battle of wills?


In this stand-alone sequel to “Out of the Dark”, another of the Knight entourage finds his mate while trying to solve a serial-murder mystery. Even though Jessica is afraid Sebastian will think her a freak, she wants to explore their feelings, but Sebastian is a tortured soul intent on staying alone. 


Unstoppable force, meet immovable object! Their battle of wills is amusing and steamy. Secondary characters play a large role and the plot cruises along at a steady pace though the characters could use some further embellishment and a slightly more developed plot. In addition, a final round of editing would have really given this entertaining story a much more delicious bite.  All in all, a solid, entertaining read!


Carol Conley