To Light the Dragon’s Fire (Dragons, Griffins and Centaurs, Oh My! #1)


Identical twins Terra and Lanni Heggan go rock climbing as a last hurrah four days before Terra's wedding.  While climbing, they discover a cave and decide to explore. They delve deep into the cave until they find themselves in a narrow passage.  It suddenly becomes a steep chute that sends them careening into the bowels of the cave. They come to an abrupt stop when they hit a soft wall. That wall is a dragon! The dragon flies them to his city to meet his king.  There the girls see sights theyd only seen before in their dreams!  The king appeared to be human until he morphed into a dragon, the advisor had a catlike features, and what looked to be ogres and unicorns were running rampant!


"To Light the Dragon's Fire" begins with lots of promise. The characters are interesting and fully fleshed out. The interaction is well thought out and draws the reader in right from the beginning. The plot is overly familiar, however. The protagonists fall down a hole to find a strange land waiting for them. The reader will also find the punctuation frustrating, because of its irregular use in this piece. The story itself is quite entertaining up to the very end. Unfortunately, this novel ends very abruptly without resolving any of the conflicts. 


A tale of romance and dragons and fated mates set the stage for this new series, which promises to be an exciting one!


Belinda Wilson