Life After Death (Max Logan #2)


Maxine "Max" Logan is the epitome of snarky - in a positive light, if that is possible - in Ms. Saracinos novel. This middle-aged divorcee is quite capable in her untalented way, facing the Grim Reaper and a few other bad characters in her role as a superhuman superhero "Retriever" in the Between. Fate isn't overly helpful on her assignment to "retrieve" her ex-, the not-so-ex Roger the proctologist, nor are the few friendly characters along the way.


This may be a second book in a series but it firmly stands alone. Maxine's commentary is humorous, bringing a smile to even the most calloused reader's lips. Tighter editing would relieve the couple of jarring snags, but they are quickly overlooked with another round of surprise, adventure and deliciously light humor! Ms. Saracino gives her main character, Max, an unforgettable story goal with unexpected twists to overcome. Secondary characters have purpose, both as living beings and necessary plot elements. These characters even come with stated or clearly assumed story objectives of their own, some complimentary to Max and others clearly in defiance of her endeavors. Good and evil battle, with good winning, but not without a cost and a wicked twist that will have the reader hungry for the previous book as well as additional imaginings Ms. Saracino chooses to serve up.


Shaunna Gonzales