License to Bite (New Orleans Nocturnes, Book 1)


Jane Anderson takes a trip to New Orleans to have a good time with her best friend during Mardi Gras, where she meets the delicious looking Ethan Devereaux. He’s a brooding vampire languishing over his dead fiancé, for whom Jane is a dead ringer. Quickly, he realizes she isn’t his reincarnated love because Jane is a brash, opinionated, spoiled daughter of the Texas Governor. They are the definition of opposites attract, and their attraction is indisputable! After a fatal car accident, Ethan turns Jane and mistakenly claims her as his mate. The stringent rules of the Supernatural World Order require Jane, as a newly turned vampire, to gain her license to bite humans or face the organization’s punishment – a stake to the heart! There’s just one little problem…Jane has a humungous phobia; she faints at the sight of blood!

Carrie Pulkinen’s “License to Bite” is a hysterical, unique twist to the vampire genre! Her characters are delightfully quirky. The heroine is full of spice and the hero is broodingly nice. Readers will laugh out loud at the saucy and hilarious banter. The bawdy fun of New Orleans during Mardi Gras jumps off the page. The scary undertones of the supernatural world’s politics hit just the right note. Readers will have no qualms about cheering for the romance of Jane and Ethan as they take on an overzealous magistrate and fatal registration requirements with the help of her best friend and his drunken sire. Ms. Pulkinen’s romantic vampire comedy is a book readers will gladly sink their teeth into with not just a nibble but with one great big bite! 

Tonya Mathenia