Library of Absolution (Legacy of the Book Mesmer 1)


FANTASY/ALTERNATE HISTORICAL:  The Ministry of The One Truth is on the warpath, intent on exterminating all magical people in the world.  Master of The Keep, an enchanted fortress, Alarick Brandon, is tasked with rescuing and protecting as many magical people as possible.  While on a recovery mission at a ravaged magical village, Alarick finds the sole survivor, Elissa Stone.  Elissa claims to be a book mesmer, a very rare magical person who can enchant and protect books. Elissa refuses to leave her books behind and begrudgingly, Alarick transports her and her books to The Keep. As Alarick learns more about what a book mesmer is, he realizes he cares more for Elissa than her magic. Will they be able to save magic in the world, or will the Ministry prove too strong?

The story sets out at a good pace with the main characters meeting quickly within the first chapter and creating a compelling friction.  Unfortunately, the sparks of that friction fizzle under the weight of excessive narration, minimal dialogue and a lackluster plot. Modern dialogue pairs with horses as the main method of conveyance and the Ministry’s desire for female illiteracy to make the reader feel lost in time. Readers of the genre will find familiar themes here, however, logic holes - such as why powerful, shape shifting, teleporting wizards are vulnerable to gunfire - may be frustrating.  Fortunately, the writing is solid and the story arc is complete while offering a glimpse into what maybe next in this series. 

Elissa Blabac