Legend of the Fae


Many centuries ago the fae ruled over Greylen as one kingdom but when the heir, twin girls were born, they became enemies destroying this peaceful realm. Queen Alaris preys on children from the human world to establish her power over her sister Talara, so when Ella of Andor, now an adult, returns to the human world she does not remember who she is until she is rescued by Laird Galen Graham, her childhood friend. They may have to risk losing each other once again to save the kingdom and join the fight to be sure good wins over evil indefinitely.


The prologue ensnares the reader's imagination even before the first chapter begins. An ancient world of fae, good versus evil in an old Scottish kingdom is the stuff of fantastical dreams. Galen, an honorable Laird who bears the weight of many on his shoulders is exactly the type of character that wins respect and becomes the hero right before one's eyes. Ella starts off as a villain but begins to show her human side, making her a rather humble character. Her mysterious identity is plain to see leaving a small disappointment and an epic battle that looms is interesting but lacks a little more flexing of muscle by both the clans and the fae. An attempted rape scene and a steamy love scene would suggest this is not the best choice for young adult readers. Overall, a good read to whet your fantasy appetite! 


Margaret Faria