The Legend of Crying Girl Creek


Samantha Winters decides that studying abroad in Australia, as part of her master's degree in nursing, is just what she needs to get over her cheating boyfriend. Australia proves to be more of an adventure than she expected, however, when she takes a job in a senior care facility. A one-night stand leads to an unexpected pregnancy, while an elderly patient ignites interest in an old legend. As Sam tracks down information on the legend, she comes face to face with James, the father of her child. James is determined to see that no one dies when the anniversary of the legend approaches. The legend of Crying Girl Creek can never be laid to rest until the truth of what happened to James' ancestor is fully brought to light. Sam and James' love will be tested as they learn to let go of the hurts from their past to embrace the future.

The Australian setting and the Australian lingo make this story stand out! "The Legend of Crying Girl Creek" has elements of the gothic mystery of yore that will keep readers hooked from the start. Sam is strong and spunky, and will capture reader's hearts. James' love of family and sense of responsibility make him a match for Sam in every way. The paranormal elements to the story are light. However, the historical references to Australia's convict past are fascinating and brand this story a winner!

Tricia Hill