Legacy of Magic


Coralea is starting over. As she journeys to reside with her aunt, an automobile accident introduces her to her aunt’s haughty, but oh-so-handsome neighbor Finnegan D’Orsey, who just so happens to be the town’s only mechanic. Cory cannot abide his arrogance, which sets up an immediate flare of excited tension between the two. Aunt Addy also has a sexy new attorney who begins pursuing Cory as much as he did her aunt. The animosity between Finn and Sebastian is obvious and Cory finds herself conflicted about their intentions toward her aunt. Aunt Addy shares a hidden family secret with Cory about a wooden box of secret codes and messages. What do they mean? Magic and secret powers of which no one was aware suddenly begin to flare inside Cory. How shall this all tie together, and who is out to hurt her beloved aunt?

Ms. Carbo weaves an intricate and unforeseen plot in this modern day fantasy romance, one that is full of adventure and surprises. The characters are well developed with wit, courage, and depth. As a reader, one will appreciate the realistic dialogues and the twist and turns Ms. Carbo adds in her story, as well as the lack of grammatical errors. The characters find themselves in the midst of a slight triangle, but is it a triangle of love, or does it go much deeper than readers will expect? While reading this well thought out fantasy novel, one will delight in the light and easy moments, as well as the profound paranormal twist included in “Legacy of Magic.” A gripping, exciting fantastical tale of love, magic, and secrets to unearth!

Tiffany Landers