Legacy Lost, Hell’s Valley Book 2


WESTERN:  There is evil afoot in Copper River, Wyoming and the Taggart family is right at the heart of the melee. Already dealing with the Brand family and their desire to take everything their family has, they now face the workings of an evil force targeting their legacy — the mysterious powers each of the Taggart children were born with. 


Shelby Taggart uses her abilities in her search and rescue job, guiding her to always find wayward adventurers. Until her brother Garrison outed her ability, she kept it a well-guarded secret. Now, family friend Eric Patterson is aware of her skills and constantly watching her. Yet, his eyes are truly for the feisty young woman and not her bizarre abilities. Eric has been in love with Shelby for a long time. Shelby questions if love is even a possibility for her, but when evil goes on the warpath she is willing to take risks, ones that could cost her life. 


A deft blend of western and paranormal genres, “Legacy Lost” has a dynamic cast of characters. The Taggart family is one worth getting to know. While not quite a stand-alone novel, it can stand on shaky legs. It is recommended that reading book one in the series is beneficial to understanding the depths of the characters and the overall plot line. There is an intense story being told, but it sometimes is lost in translation. The scorching heat of romance, however, cannot be denied. Ms. David has a way of writing a bedroom scene that leaves the reader panting! 


Penelope Anne Bartotto