Legacy Found (Hell’s Valley Book 4)


Kerr Taggart is back home from fighting the war in Afghanistan, and his life is now forever changed. His PTSD returns in dreams and flashbacks where he relives his battle and injury. He is a strong man adjusting to being home in Copper River, Wyoming. He is pining away for Izzy Brand, but the long-standing family feud is holding him back from acting on it. However, he is concerned for her safety when strange things start happening at her family ranch, and now one of her brothers is missing. Can he help Izzy without angering both families and figure out what the Brand brothers are up to? 

Ms. David has penned a creative paranormal tale in “Legacy Found”.  This is part of a series, for the most part is a standalone, however the number of characters may overwhelm readers if they have not read the previous books. The hero and heroine are two characters readers will be drawn to and rooting for. The paranormal being presented is creative and described as a disgusting creature.  The added element of each Taggart family member having their own supernatural power is a bonus. Kerr’s PTSD is well described, the touchy subject matter being treated with sensitivity. The supporting characters add to the story nicely and readers who enjoy a beastly paranormal book will enjoy digging into this one! 

Viola Robins