Legacy of Danger (Hell’s Valley 3)


Vaughn Taggart is an MMA fighter who fled from his family and his growing psychic abilities, but his sister’s urgent plea for help has Vaughn returning to their Wyoming ranch. Mariah West is new in town and finds Vaughn forever underfoot. While he’s powerfully muscled, he’s also quite nerve-racking. She soon discovers he’s also fiercely protective when her selfless concern for a patient makes her a pawn for the Taggart’s enemies. With an evil that mortals can’t imagine or fight threatening them, Mariah and Vaughn must move beyond their pasts and unite to defeat the intensifying evil of a rival ranch family and a demonic monster.

This thrilling good-versus-evil romance sends delicious chills down readers’ spines as the increasing evil wreaks havoc in its bid to destroy the Taggart family. Vaughn and Mariah are strong, convincing characters that easily draw readers in, and the thrilling suspense will ensure that they keep turning the pages. While the fast-paced story could be read as a standalone with a ‘happy-for-now’ ending, readers may feel as if they have been dropped into the middle of something. Due to the series overall story arc, understanding the events that led to this point in the storyline would promote better understanding of the evil entity and its motivations. However, readers are kept on the edge of their seats throughout the suspenseful events that are full of twists and turns and some very intriguing and unusual psychic abilities.   

E.L. Hurley