The Last Vampire Standing

de Vissage

In the fifteenth century Vlad Chemare launched a rebellion against the evil Domnitor. It failed, and he was buried alive. It took him six hundred years to get rescued and recover. Now he’s ready for vengeance and he needs to focus on achieving it.  Meeting Meredith Swanson throws a wrench into his plans, and suddenly nothing seems so clear cut anymore. 


Meredith has no desire to get involved with an Undead, or any paranormal creature for that matter.  Especially one who is dating her twin sister - but Vlad is proving difficult to resist.


A vampire story laced with humor, "The Las Vampire Standing" has a colorful and intriguing cast of characters, especially Meredith’s vampire and were friends. Unfortunately, Vlad and Meredith's love is not very believable – big parts of their relationship are never shown. There were also problems with the plot. First, there’s the hero who went from dating and sleeping with one sister to sleeping with the other one in one night. Second, Vlad deceived Meredith in a way that won’t sit lightly with anyone. If it weren’t for those two flaws, the book would have provided a far more pleasing read.  As it is, it provides the reader with a few laughs and is a genuinely compelling read.


Ana Smith