The Lady in the Mist, The Western Werewolf Legend Book 1


Civil War widow Sonja Brooks lives a simple life on the farm she shared with her husband until she is brutally attacked by a wild creature. Rescued by a witch, she discovers her attacker was a werewolf and she too will become one at the full moon. While returning home she discovers rebel soldier Tyler Loflin near death and saves him, tying their lives together in ways neither is prepared to face. Reluctant to deal with the fact that she is not only a werewolf, but also carries a gift and will lead the Guardian’s pack, Sonja is afraid, confused, and overwhelmed. But her generous, gentle heart will not let her leave Ty to die so she saves him and takes him in. Honorable, gentle, and committed to finding and rescuing his men captured in the ambush that nearly killed him, Ty is torn between his attraction to Sonja and duty to his country. 

The pacing and tone are uneven, and the plot is confusing and difficult to follow when dealing with the werewolves, vampires, and paranormal elements. On the other hand, the characters and the romance between Ty and Sonja are well- developed, and the novella has sweet, angsty, and steamy moments and love scenes that nicely explore their connection. Overall, Lady in the Mist is a fairly interesting blending of historical/western and paranormal romance that has potential to develop into an entertaining series with more development and exploration of the paranormal elements.

Lacy Hill