Kilts and Catnip: the Shrouded Isle, Book 1


When Becca Shaw came to Shrouded Isle, all she was looking for was a peaceful summer vacation to bond with her two girls, Jess and Tate. Grief over the loss of Becca’s husband over a year ago has left Becca and the girls feeling adrift and alone. But lovely Shrouded Isle, on the coast of Scotland, isn’t just a peaceful retreat: it’s full of secrets, some supernatural, and some personal, others dangerous. 

Enter mysterious Greg Gillie, a handsome Scot who lives in forest, maintaining the magical balance and protecting the islanders from the menacing fae. As Becca and her daughters are drawn more deeply into this strange world, it becomes apparent that something is wrong. The spell protecting the island is weakening and Becca’s life is in danger. Can Greg and Becca set aside their growing attraction long enough to save Shrouded Isle… and Becca’s family?

Ms. Tasia creates a wonderful world of fae, shape-shifters, goblins, and magic, effortlessly blending it with the story of a very modern family, dealing with the aftermath of loss. Becca and her two daughters are relatable and likeable and the vibrant world of Shrouded Isle may cause some readers to book flights to Scotland. The tale falters in some places: Becca’s almost willful blindness of the growing weirdness affecting her daughters feels out of place and the ending, though happy, feels especially rushed. However, this is a fun outing and anyone who has enjoyed “Wizard of Oz” or “The Princess and the Goblin” will find plenty to enjoy here.

Janice Martin