Keeper of the Golden Dragon’s Heart

Gemma K.
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Cedar River is a cozy little town on the shores of Lake Superior.  Humans in neighboring towns remain blissfully unaware that the inhabitants are human/animal shifters.  Bowie Golden, Sheriff of Cedar River is sexy, serious, and--when he shifts--a massive golden dragon.  The town's  resident hell-raiser, Anastasia Plum, is a sleek half-breed puma/witch who was raised by Bowie's parents following the untimely death of her parents.

Reports from other shape-shifter towns reveal brutal poacher attacks and put close-knit Cedar River on edge.  As Bowie fights to keep his peaceful town safe, he finds that his feelings for Ana have turned from merely protective, to jealously possessive.

Ms. Murray paints a town, characters, and creatures of Cedar River that warm the heart and soul, especially the Golden family.  Her idea of shifting human/animals is original and blends well with the warmth of the setting, though Ana being both a puma and a witch seem unnecessary and distracting to an already rich tale.  Though the story flows well, the conflict with the poachers falls flat.  Scenes of the attacks are heinous but the reasoning and moving force behind them is elusive.  Still, it is easy to fall in love with Cedar River and the Goldens.  And oh that Bowie...  yumdelicious!    

Sandy Ponton