Keeper of the Flame: Orrick


Orrick Pendragon knows first-hand how horrible immortality can be. A century ago, he stole the Eternal Flame, growing immortal, which meant he had to watch his wife grow old and die, while he stayed unchanged. The ordeal broke his heart, and he swore he would never fall in love again. 

That is, until he meets Lady Hope Threston, a young woman betrothed to a greedy, ignorant man, willing to do whatever it takes to escape — including agreeing to help him find the Eternal Flame. However, in order to obtain the Eternal Flame, she needs the help of an old sorcerer—and thus, she goes to look for Orrick, who has shape-shifted into the image of an old man after the horrors of his past. 

Combining medieval romance and fantasy into a clever, intriguing story, the author manages to make both characters come alive and grow in a realistic way, each of them marked by their past, each of them struggling to find a way to not just survive, but live again. In the beginning, Lady Hope does come across as slightly childish, bordering on annoying, but as the story progressed, so does her personality. Despite being the fifth book in the series, it is easy to follow along, even for those who may be reading this book as a standalone.  It is creative, engaging and a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an evening!

Majanka Verstraete